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hochschule 21, situated at the border of Buxtehude's historical city centre, offers a very special study atmosphere. The former Hanseatic town is as well favoured by it's neighbourhood to Hamburg and to attractive scenic spots of the surrounding holiday district.

The Dual Studies are the speciality of hochschule 21. Within one year of study there is a constant alternation of theoretical and practical periods (duration: 3 months each) in the engineering courses. In the training-integrated courses Midwifery, Nursing and Physiotherapy the training at a specialized vocational school or a higher education institution is part of the course. The Master degree course Leadership and Management Skills is organised as a part-time course enabling the students to study alongside their work. 

The course language of all courses is German.


Bachelor Degree Courses:

Master Degree Courses:



For engineering courses a work placement contract with a suitable company has to be signed, if possible for the whole period of study. hochschule 21 may help to find a suitable company.

For Physiotherapy the accomplishment of a three month work placement in a home for the aged, a social welfare office or a hospital is desirable. For studying Physiotherapy DUAL at hochschule 21 you also need to have a vocatonal training place at one of our cooperation partners: the School of Physiotherapy of the “Elbe-Clinics Stade/Buxtehude (EKS)” and the "UKE Academy for Training and Career" in Hamburg/Eppendorf  (ABK)” . Details about the different application procedures you will find under Aufnahmeverfahren Physiotherapie DUAL - hochschule 21 ( and under Studieninteressierte - Online-Bewerbung (

The training of midwives and the final state examination takes place at the cooperating Midwifery School of the "Bildungszentrums für Gesundheitsberufe Asklepios" in Hamburg. The training of midwives is funded by the employer "Asklepios". A training contract with "Asklepios" is required as condition for admission to study at hochschule 21. Please apply directly at the "Bildungszentrums für Gesundheitsberufe Asklepios (BZG)" in Hamburg for admission to training and university.

Cooperating vocational schools are resposible for the vocational training integrated in the course Nursing DUAL. Prerequisite for admission to studies of Nursing DUAL is a contract for a vocational training place with one of our cooperation partners. More details about the application procedure for Nursing DUAL you can find on the Homepage of the course. 


If you study at hochschule 21 you will have to expect the following costs:

  • Tuition Fee
    In addition to the enrolment fee (€300) payable at the beginning of studies hochschule 21 charges a monthly tuition fee that varies from one course to another (see indivual courses for details).
  • Health Insurance
    According to German law, students enroled at German universities will be insured in legal health insurances until the 14th term of their studies and to a maximum age of 30 years. The insurance certificate has to be presented during enrolment. Private insurances from foreign countries will not be accepted. On presentation of a health insurance certificate from their home country to local insurances in Germany EU citizens will get a certificate of exemption.
  • Living Expenses and Accommodation
    At the moment living expenses run at about €900 to €1000 per month, according to one’s personal circumstances. Information about the room rent of student halls of residence in Buxtehude you will find here.


Foreign applicants may apply for scholarships to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The application will be submitted via the German embassy or consulate in their home country.

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