How Does the DUAL Curriculum Work

For our engineering courses

  • two terms per year, start of university year in September
  • per term: 50% theoretical education, 50% practical work experience within an employment company
  • our curriculum requires an employment contract as pre-requisite
  • illustration of educational phasing:


Dual System in the Field of Health

  • „On-the-job training“ is integrated part of the studies, and is therefore a precondition to apply successfully
  • studies are only possible in combination with training!
  • joint teaching of vocational training school and hochschule 21
  • study contract with hochschule 21
  • vocational training contract with one of our partners


Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Martin Betzler

Entwerfen von Tragwerken, Baustatik, Baukonstruktion und Bauphysik

  • Stv. Studiengangsleitung Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Bau und Immobilien DUAL

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Thorsten Hermes

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Thorsten Hermes

Technische Informatik

  • Vizepräsident
  • Fachbereichsleitung Technik
  • Stv. Studiengangsleitung Ingenieurwesen Mechatronik DUAL

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