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The International Office of hochschule 21 cordially welcomes the students of all partner universities who decided to spend one term/year of their studies or one practical period in Buxtehude!

Some of the degree courses at hochschule 21 are open for exchange students. All of them are undergraduate programs with modules und ECTS-credit points. The courses are conducted in German language. The study system is `dual´ which means there is a constant alternation of theoretical and practical periods (duration: 3 months each) in the engineering courses. In Physiotherapy the training at a specialized vocational school (“The Elbe Clinics Stade-Buxtehude” or the higher education institution “ The Hamburg-Eppendorf University Medical Centre”) is part of the degree course.

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Grading Scheme

The grading scheme in Germany usually comprises five levels (with numerical equivalents; intermediate grades may be given): "Sehr Gut" (1) = Very Good; "Gut" (2) = Good; "Befriedigend" (3) = Satisfactory; "Ausreichend" (4) = Sufficient; "Nicht ausreichend" (5) = Non-Sufficient/Fail. The minimum passing grade is "Ausreichend" (4). Verbal designations of grades may vary in some cases and for doctoral degrees.

Description of the grades:
1 = Very good, an excellent achievement,
2 = Good, an above average achievement,
3 = Satisfactory, an average achievement,
4 = Sufficient, an achievement that is still adequate, despite deficiencies,
5 = Fail, an achievement that does not meet the requirements due to severe deficiencies.


In addition hochschule 21 uses for all courses the ECTS grading scheme, which operates with the levels A (best 10 %), B (next 25 %), C (next 30 %), D (next 25 %), and E (next 10 %). 

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